Leather is a genuine material. Its natural composition allows for excellence features such as strength, stamina, durability and authenticity. Our leather ware is crafted from 100% Nappa leather. Its immaculate quality combined with the artful craftsmanship of our our workers make for a sustainable and persistent product.

Parley`s leather pieces are bound to stand the test of time. The more you travel with your leather item, the more you use it the more it will bend to your usage and preferences, eventually transforming into a unique personalized product. 

Be advised to carefully read the instructions below concerning the use and maintenance of your leather product. 

General care recommendations by Parley Zurich

Since leather is a natural byproduct, it needs to be subject to a certain amount of care and attention over time. However, smaller imperfections are part of individuality and uniqueness of each leather and cannot be seen as a sign of bad quality. While deep and long scratches along the surface cannot be removed, mostly all other marks can be cleansed with the help of a damp cloth and then polished dry to remove any leftover wetness.

We urge you to refrain from using any product containing solvents or alcohol on your leather product.

Daily care: To remove crumbs and dust, it is enough to carefully wipe the surface of the leather with a very slightly damp genuine lint-free cotton cloth. It is basically unnecessary to do maintenance on your leather every week, unless: 

  • If your leather is dirty – ONLY in case of need, use a lint-free cloth to apply a suitable leather soap (natural, e.g. Marseille soap). Fully soak the cloth, wring it out and wipe the surface of the leather without applying too much pressure, careful not to cause any damage to the structure or material.
  • If your leather is wet – trying to dry it fast is not recommended. Do not use a hair-dryer. Dry it slowly at room temperature to avoid distortions or damage of the material. If only a few water drops are present on the surface of the leather, then you can carefully wipe them away with a lint-free cotton cloth.
  • If your leather is dry (cracked) – Please note that a steady and gratuitous rehydration will destroy the leather or significantly degrade its properties. If the leather appears hard and brittle, you can treat it carefully using a high-quality colorless natural cream that is recommended for the purpose. We highly suggest to try it on a hidden part of your product first and keep in mind that it can take up to two days for a visible reaction. 

When you are not using your leather product, we recommend to stow it away in its original pouch. That way you can guarantee for it to be safe and sound and remains unharmed. Also it is advisable to not overfill the leather items with too much cards or notes since they are prone to take on distorted shapes which also puts much pressure on the seams and stitchings. Furthermore, do not keep your leather belongings exposed to direct sunlight over an extended period of time for it will affect its texture and color. 

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