Why Parley Zurich?

In the most recent years Parley Zurich has made itself a name within the B2B-luxury accessory field (Business-to-Business). Having designed and produced accessories for companies like Patek Philippe, Porsche, Ebel, Oettinger Davidoff, Omega and many more you can rest assured that only the highest quality standards are applied to all of our products. Every piece will be personally inspected by the founders themselves to make sure that you will receive an immaculate product.

What is the made-to-order process?

In order to realize this project Parley Zurich utilizes a pre-order system similar to crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. There you support an idea or a new product by pledging money towards the set goal. If the goal is reached, the project will count as funded and the production will commence. The main difference, however, lies within the payment method. If you pre-order a product from Parley Zurich you are not asked to provide your credit credentials or any kind of payment information. Only when the project has been funded successfully Parley will contact you with the request to submit your payment information. This holds the big advantage that your payment details will only enter our system if the project is actually realized.

Why do we use a made-to-order process?

We at Parley Zurich believe in the entrepreneurial mindset of a community as a whole. The more people support this venture the more successful the product will be in the end. Knowing that we have so many backers that believe in us and our ideas will help us bring something unique and invaluable into fruition.

How does the made-to-order process work?

It is very easy to pre-order. Simply put the pre-order button and proceed to check-out. Leave your name and contact details and press the button "Continue to shipping method" and afterwards to "Payment method". On this site you only have to check "Pay later for pre-order". Finalize your order by clicking "Complete order" on the bottom of the page. Neither payment nor adding credit card information is necessary up until this point. You will receive an email providing you with an order confirmation. Still you do not have to pay anything nor will Parley Zurich demand a payment. Only when the projected has collected enough backers you will receive an email with a link that is going to send you to our Check-Out site where you will be prompted to insert your payment information. You will receive a receipt via email.

When is my card charged?

Only when the project you’re backing has been successfully funded, we will send you an email with a payment request for your backed product and also a link to a survey/configurator where you can choose your desired material/selection.

We only ask you for your credit card to be charged when the project reached its funding deadline. If the project does not reach its funding goal, you will never have to enter your credit card number.

Other payment options include: Postfinance, Paypal or Bank-Transfer.

How can I track the progress of the made-to-order process?

On the website https://parley.ch/products/aviator you can check at any time how much orders are still needed for the project to be realized. You can help us reaching our goal faster by sharing our offer via any social media channel or simply by recommending it to your friends and partners. 

The campaign has ended and has reached it's funding target. Can I still buy the product for the pre-order price?

You are still able order the product for the reduced price as long as it is in the production process (30-50 days after funding).

Can I cancel a pledge?

To cancel a pledge for an ongoing project simply write us anytime at hello@parley.ch.

If you back the project and the project is successful, it is an obligatory purchase agreement for a custom order. The order cannot be cancelled. The International Terms and Conditions apply for return and warranty.

When will you deliver?

Our production time is 60 days after the campaign reached its end. If the interest is bigger than expected, we will start production right away as soon as we have reached the minimum order quantity of 60 pairs. Otherwise we wait for the 30 days of campaign to finish and then start the production Worldwide free shipping.

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