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Modern screw design black leather wallet

Life can be pretty demanding. Get up early, be on time, work hard, built continuously, create systematically and provide daily. But you don`t mind. You love what you do and you embrace the challenge. You are passionate about what you do. Boldness and creativity are paving the way to your success. Parley`s accessories are your loyal partner in crime.

Life can be pretty enjoyable, too. Meet friends, stay up late, travel thoroughly, read intensively, dance euphorically, love unconditionally and explore infinitely.

You know that you are the pioneer of your own story. The engineer to your happiness. You have found the way to balance work and relish in the joy of life. Always by your side; Parley. Accessories that perfectly underline your way of life.


For those who have already stepped up their game. It`s time to elevate your lifestyle.

Leather accessories from Parley fascinate with their inspiring design and intriguing feel. The perfect form created for enhancing your quality of life. Join Parley`s lifestyle of affordable luxury accessories.


Our workers are absolute specialists in the field of leather processing and manufacturing.
Only the most skilled artisans are capable of creating Parley`s leather pieces. In order to administer the elegant curve that is Parley`s wave line nothing but the best vegetable tanned Nappa leather can be used. All edges are lacquered by hand 2-3 times to guarantee a napless finish.

blue handshaded italian credit card holder and grey wedding suit

Parley`s hand-shaded collection serves as another example of the exceptional production quality that we deliver to our esteemed customers.
The vegetable tanned leather which at the beginning of the production is in its natural beige tone gets airbrushed in order to apply the desired color.
After the coloring phase the wallet is carefully sewn together. In the next step our craftsmen use a cotton ball to hand-shade the entire outer surface of the wallet.
During the final process several layers of beeswax are applied to coat and protect the shaded leather and give it its indistinguishable look.

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