Introducing a new era of Luxury Accessories

In a world that`s driven by the desire to stand out and the wish to customize all aspects of life people are looking for brands to fulfill these demands. Parley Zurich allows you just that. Let us show you how we revolutionize modern accessorizing.

Time - the essence of all

Everything revolves around time. In its attempt to keep touch of it, track it and utilize it mankind has been inconceivably creative and smart. The first time keeping devices date back to the early times of Ancient Egypt almost 5500 years ago.

From necessity to passion

Over the millennia time tracking devices grew smaller and became more sophisticated until in the early 19th century the first wrist watch was invented. From there the the road was paved for the success story of modern watch making. Today watches are more than just a means to count the hour. They have risen to the heights of artistic perfection offering designs and craftsmanship so rich in details that they can accentuate every wearer`s predilection.

Lack of accessories

Finding the right accessory to go with your precious timepiece is crucial. However, when it comes to watches such a task that can leave you distraught. The most common accessory and the closest in terms of reach would be the cufflink. They come in innumerable forms, cuts and designs. But even cufflinks made by renowned watch brands often lack the characteristic features of their watches making it hard to spawn any kind of resemblance between the two pieces. Until now...

Hello Watchlinks

What if you can create your very own cufflink from scratch and make it look like your watch? What if you could choose between different materials, colors, inlays and even bezels? Thanks to modern processing and automated workflows you can customize your suit, your shirt and even your shoes nowadays. We at Parley Zurich have taken the notion of customization a step further and proudly present to you our Swiss Made Watchlinks!

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